The Inspiration for Polly Vaughn

The 12th song on our latest album “Fear” is a song called “Polly Vaughn” (aka Polly Von). After our success in remixing “In the Pines”, a 19th century folk song, a fan suggested that we try to re-make Polly Vaughn. The origin of this song is unknown, but you can bet a campfire, a guitar, a women and some moonshine inspired its composition. Here is an old interpretation by Peter, Paul and Mary:

Wake UP!! Not only did we intensify the music, we changed some lyrics to make this song more 2012. Here is the new Sin MG version that is available now on our newest album “Fear”:

Let us know what you think. ūüėČ

Head Like a Hole – FREE Download


We took on Trent Reznor and the NIN classic, “Head Like a Hole” for our new album “Envy”.

This track brings the NIN classic to a whole new level of in-your-face guitar, percussion and vocals. We set out to elevate the songs intensity and give it a 2013 finish.

The vocals include layers of processing and effects to achieve an industrial remix that will keep your head and fist pumping. Take a listen below and let us know what you think.

For taking the time to review our interpretation of “Head Like a Hole”, we are offering you a FREE download of the song through SoundCloud. Enjoy!


New Albums – Coming Soon…

Sin MG‚ĄĘ is now working on Albums 3 and 4 simultaneously. We are working on an all-cover album called “Envy” and a remix album of our old songs called “Sloth”.

“Envy” will be a compilation of our all-time favorite songs and artists. Including,¬†NIN,¬†Alice in Chains and more.

“Sloth” will include,¬†One More Day,¬†Let Me Out,¬†Witch’s Therapy and more…

Here’s a sample of “Sloth”. Check out; “One More Day”:

Let us know what you think.

Check Out the New Digs!

Sin MG is proud to present our new website!

We updated the platform and the format in order to make the Sin MG fan experience more interactive. This will allow us to communicate with our fans through the web, email and social media much more effectively. We will be posting information about the band’s upcoming albums, shows and much more.

Help Sin MG grow and mature as artists. Tell a friend, neighbor, brother or a sister and we’ll send you our music for FREE. ¬†We do it for the love of the music and the fans. Thank you for your support and friendship.

Sincerely, Scott & Keith